Tahir Khan

Title: Adjunct Professor

Groups: Faculty Bio Page

Mr. Khan has over twenty years of experience in the Information Security field. Mr. Khan is currently the Chief Information Security Officer of Sensity Systems and an advisor of a startup focusing on identity management and authentication. Previously he was the Chief Information Security Officer for a private financial services company managing the incident response, fraud detection and information security teams as well as research in the information security arena. Mr. Khan spent more than a decade at Northrop Grumman where he served various federal agencies in information security and network operations. Mr. Khan’s current hobbies are mobile application analysis, mobile application reverse engineering and researching wireless vulnerabilities.

MS Computer Forensics – George Mason University

Penetration Testing Forensics, Mobile Application Analysis and Forensics, Anti Forensics
Penetration Test Comp Forensics (Fall)
Anti-Forensics (Fall)
Mobile Application/Forensic Analysis (Spring)