T. Roy

Title: Adjunct Professor

Groups: Faculty Bio Page

T.Roy is the founder and president of CodeMachine. He spends most of his time on security research, reverse engineering, software development, and training. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and has taken many products from their infancy all the way through to commercial success. He has spent more than a decade working on security products like host intrusion prevention, network firewalls, behavioral anti-malware, document security, and data leak prevention systems. He has also worked on the offensive side of security for the government and defense industry.

He has been delivering training courses to companies all over the world, has taught Microsoft’s own engineers and has received many instructor recognition awards. He has an innate talent for taking complex concepts and explaining them in a lucid manner. Through the courses he teaches, he shares the knowledge he has acquired through years of hands-on experience.

MS in Computer Engineering

Kernel Forensics and Analysis