John J. Irvine

Title: Adjunct Professor

Groups: Faculty Bio Page

Mr. Irvine has over twenty five years of experience working for and around the Federal Government, with nearly twenty years specializing in Computer Forensic Analysis and Digital Investigations. John has performed computer forensic analysis and media exploitation casework for the FBI, CIA, DEA, and both large and small commercial companies. Over his career, he has been both a practicing examiner and an active manager, leading teams of up to forty specialists working in the areas of computer forensic analysis, network forensic analysis, malicious code and binary reverse engineering, software development, test and quality assurance, and technical support.

As a senior digital forensic analyst himself, Mr. Irvine specializes in the areas of Cyber Profiling and counterterrorism-based digital forensic analysis.

Currently, Mr. Irvine is the CTO of CyTech Services, Inc. and oversees the development of CyFIR Enterprise, an enterprise-level remote digital forensics and incident response platform. CyFIR Enterprise is known as the tool that found active malicious code at the Office of Personnel Management in 2015 during a demonstration of CyFIR’s capabilities, leading to the announcement of the largest network breach in US Government history.

M.S. Information Systems, GMU, 2000
G.C. Software Systems Engineering, GMU, 2000
EnCE – EnCase Certified Examiner
Q/EH – Qualified Ethical Hacker
Former Private Investigator, Commonwealth of Virginia
Former CART Certified Field Examiner, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Former DEA Certified Examiner, Drug Enforcement Administration

Legal and Ethical Issues in Computer Forensics