Chad Steel

Adjunct Professor

Mr. Steel has worked in both the government and private sector in technical and management roles. He has previously served in multiple digital security positions, including serving as the Sr. Director for Systems Integration and Security Services at Qwest Communications, and the Head of IT Investigations for GlaxoSmithKline. He previously taught as an Adjunct Professor at Penn State University, where he helped put together their graduate program in information security.

Mr. Steel is the author of multiple peer-reviewed journal papers on data mining and digital behavioral analysis. Recent papers include The Asperger’s Defense in Digital Child Pornography Investigations (2015), The Technical SODDI Defenses: The Trojan Horse Defense Revisited (2015) and Idiographic Digital Profiling: Behavioral Analysis Based on Computer Forensics (2015). He is also the author of two books on digital forensics and child exploitation investigations.


CFRS 771 – Digital Forensics Profilling (Fall)